Allowing Our Kids To Feel

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Allowing Our Kids To Feel

As parents we naturally want to protect our children.  We want to take away their hurts and make them feel better.  It’s our parental instincts to want to make it all better.  When it comes to feelings, we can’t always do that, nor is it best to; to try to whisk away their bad feelings […]

Divorce – How to Help Your Child Adjust, or Not

  My husband and I have each been through a divorce.  Our children are from our first marriages.  I had what could be called a “good” divorce, while my husband ended up with a textbook case of horrific parental alienation syndrome, where he “lost” his daughter. We, as parents, can help or hinder our child’s […]

Stretching Yourself and Creating Smiles

  I am pleased to reprint the first few paragraphs from my piece that was published on Lori Deschene’s fabulous website/blog, called Tiny Buddha. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Neale Walsh Have you ever thought about doing something  way out there-and then done it? I became intrigued with Patch Adams and his philosophy of medicine  and […]

Tending To Yourself Post-Divorce – 4 Ways To Begin To Heal

Been there, done that, as they say (whoever the “they” are).  I had a fairly good divorce. But good or not, divorce, in-and-of itself, is a tremendous stressor.  It’s one of the big ones.  As with most life-altering events, powerful emotions arise, painful feelings can be overwhelming and adjustments to new situations need to occur. Healing, […]

Managing a Challenge of Sheer Inconvenience – How to Enjoy a Vacation Without Luggage

For someone who loves colors and funky things, buying a zebra-like suitcase was certainly in character.  It also happens to make good traveling sense as it is easy to spot amid the sea of black appearing in the baggage claim area. But alas, even our “zebra” didn’t make it to join us on our Italian […]

The Habit of Gratitude

  “Any emotion, any behavior can turn into a habit,” said psychologist Dr. Dan Gottlieb in speaking to me about his positive attitude.  So basically we can increase the frequency of our positive feelings by practicing them.  Studies have shown that acting the way we’d like to feel will actually help bring on the feeling. […]

Being There

“Just sit with me-” Dr. Daniel Gottlieb’s words from my interview with him in my previous post.   This really resonated with me.  These are four simple words; and yet they are so hard to carry out. I can vouch for that.  When my daughter was in the intensive care unit on a respirator and I […]

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