In Tribute To A Young Friend

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In Tribute To A Young Friend

Today was the fifth anniversary of the death of an 18 year old girl.  Aviva was my daughter’s college roommate overseas.  She was memorialized today with a brunch service that included moving and eloquent speeches and acknowledgment of a charity set up in her name to continue her good-natured work of helping those younger students […]

Meaningful Happiness

How do we fill our bucket? The Happiness word – it’s all around us.  Tons of happiness books, articles, even an Oprah show on it this week. We as a society seem to think if we have more, get more, buy more, we’ll get to that point where we can say we’re happy.   But we […]

How To Live Well

I am pleased to reprint the beginning of my guest post, published today on Alex Blackwell’s inspiring blog, The BridgeMaker. “The art of living well and dying well are one.” Epicurus Living in awareness of our mortality guides us in living life to its fullest.  It serves as a compass- pointing us in the right direction, […]

Walking – Heart Work

Walking may have been instrumental in saving my daughter, Nava’s, life. Being on a ventilator for almost 3 months, the doctors were surprised that her heart remained strong.  Despite the fact that her medical crisis began with a severely suppressed immune system whereby she became the statistic who developed a life-threatening secondary infection, a part […]

Coping, Au Natural

“Let me write out a prescription for something to help you get through the next few months.  If she survives, it’s going to be a long haul.”  This was said by one of the ICU doctor’s when my middle daughter, Nava, had a medical crisis that landed her in a drug-induced coma and on a […]

Having a Purpose

“He who has a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” Nietzsche I had a very difficult decision to make midway during the year my daughter was critically ill.  Do I go back to work now that she’s out of the acute critical stage of life and death, and in rehab, or do […]

Creating Good Times for the Sibling

I have 3 grown children.  My middle daughter, Nava, has disabilities. Years ago when my kids were young, my schedule was greatly based around Nava’s after-school appointments.  She had the speech therapist for stuttering, the gym for physical therapy, numerous doctor appointments, socialization groups at the Y, swimming at the Y, among others. The reality […]

My Daughter, My Teacher

My daughter, Nava, has been my role model, mentor and teacher in helping me cope with her  toughest and scariest  times in her life.   She was the person to whom it was all happening while I as her mother stood by watching, contorted in my own emotional pain, but having to bring forth the strength […]

The Vision of Inclusion

Welcome to my second interview.  Dan Habib is a photojournalist who has produced a documentary film, Including Samuel, which portrays the Habib family’s efforts to include their son, Samuel, in all aspects of their lives.  Samuel has cerebral palsy. Mr. Habib speaks candidly and openly about what it’s like for him and his family to parent […]

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