Bring Out the Best in People – Four Ways to Show ‘You Matter’

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Bring Out the Best in People – Four Ways to Show ‘You Matter’

We as human beings all have a need to be heard, to be validated, and to be understood.  Without necessarily agreeing with someone’s position or sharing the same interests, we can still be there for people in a positive way and help bring out their good.   Interest-   Take an interest in the other person.  […]

New Experiences During Difficult Times, and the New Joy It Can Bring

I recently realized that during two major life-altering times in my life, I tried out something new.  And nineteen years and nine years later (respectively), I am still actively engaged in both.  They have become an integral part of my life. The summer I got separated (from my then husband), 19 years ago, my friend […]

“Live On Purpose” Radio Show – Featuring Yours Truly

I just had the wonderful experience of being interviewed in an online radio program called Live On Purpose, hosted by Dr. Paul Jenkins.  This was a first for me.   I stepped out of my comfort zone to do this.  It was done on the phone and went live online within a few minutes. I was nervous […]

Parenting Post Divorce

Divorce is too high – yes And too many kids are being messed up through divorce – yes I’m not here to help lessen the divorce rate; but I am here to help kids adjust as well as possible, with as little scarring as possible, to their parent’s divorce. Kids don’t ask to be a […]

Healthy Respite, or How I Became a TJMaxx Junkie

In my most recent interview with author Ann Hood, she stated that knitting helped her cope and get through her day-to-day grief.   She wrote a best-selling novel, The Knitting Circle, about women coming together to knit while discussing their losses and problems.   Knitting was a source of comfort. When my daughter, Nava, went through a […]

“Grief And Joy Live Side By Side Now In My Heart”- Meet Ann Hood

Welcome to my interview with Ann Hood.  I am thrilled that Ms. Hood accepted my request for this blog interview, especially in light of her busy traveling schedule with the paperback release of her newest book, The Red Thread.   Ms. Hood is a noted author of the best-selling novel, The Knitting Circle and the memoir, […]

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