10 Ways to Help Someone Going Through a Tough Time

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Let’s reflect on some basic ways of reaching out and providing support to a friend, family member, or even acquaintance who is going through a hard time. 

We tend to feel alone with our troubles.  We feel nobody else knows what we’re going through.  This feeling of isolation further adds to the despair of the problem itself.   We want to be cared about, thought about and understood even more so during a time of need. 

Providing emotional support as well as concrete help, are crucial in ameliorating some of the loneliness we feel when going through trying times.    

How can we be of help?

  • Be a Good listener. 
  • Call to check in periodically despite the lack of a return call.  A thoughtful message and good wishes goes a long way.
  • Cook or bake a comfort-food dish or something you know the person really likes. 
  • Be proactive in offering help; don’t wait to be asked.  “How can I help you; what do you need or want.” 
  • Send a card with a personal note expressing the person’s good qualities and what you value in them.   We all need to hear it sometimes, especially during a low period. 
  • Visit  (unless the person wants to be alone). 
  • Get others involved in helping.
  • Look for ways to take over some of the extraneous responsibilities.
  • Anticipate the person’s needs (if you know them well enough)  and see how you can do something to meet it.
  • Be there, even if there’s nothing you can do.  In our feeling helpless to change the situation, our presence does matter.  

For many, it is very hard to ask for help. 

What can you add to the above list so we can {proactively}  be there for someone in need?   Please share in your comments below.

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  • Hi Harriet,
    A thoughtful post. I think you have covered this well. Depending on their (hard time) circumstance, maybe take them out for a round of Golf or a coffee, beer?…..just be there
    be good to yourself


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