Thrivers – Inspirational People Who Don’t Just Survive

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As I’m sure you all know by now, my deep interest lies in seeing, learning and being inspired by people going through difficult challenges in their lives who manage to go on living well.  They don’t  just survive.  They Thrive, finding purpose and meaning from their heartbreak;  and even go on to experience joy and happiness, despite.

A select few take their misfortunes and go on to do things that make a difference to the world, like John Walsh who became an activist for missing children.

Many more take on their challenges and just by virtue of who they are as human beings , become a source of inspiration, giving us all strength by example.

Many go on to publicize their personal challenges and in doing so teach us their wonderful life lessons.  They write books, produce films, start organizations; they put faces and words to their issues in the hope of helping others.  Their words and actions reach out and touch us. 

Once a month I’ve been interviewing (and posting) people who I consider to be inspirational in how they have managed to rebuild their lives in a most positive and meaningful manner.  They are Thrivers.  

In thinking over ‘my’ seven people thus far, I have found one very strong common theme – receiving  and asking for help from others. 

It is crucial to the person going through the difficult time to feel supported by others.

It is crucial for the person going through the difficult time to be able to ask for help from others. 

Help is key in one’s coping repetoire.  It lessens the sense of ‘aloneness’ we feel when going through our own personal problems.  

If you haven’t read some of these interviews, please take the time to do so.  You might  take away some ideas to guide you along your journey towards living well.  And hopefully you will be inspired.

Thank you for reading.  Please pass along by twitter/facebook.  And of course Comments are most welcome.  I love getting feedback.

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  • personalpower4me

    Hi Harriet,
    Keep up the great work. Thank you. Turning ‘survival’ in to ‘thrival’.
    be good to yourself

    • rebuildyourlifecoach

      Hi David,
      To my loyal commenter – thank you. Love survival to thrival – very clever.
      Best to you.

  • Marci Payne

    You’ve pointed out a great difference between thriving in surviving. It reminds me of a movie I watched last night called Soul Surfer. She lost her arm in a shark attack, and went on to become not only a one-armed pro surfer (who inspired others) but also to help those face the fear of water after a tsunami in Thailand. Another great story to share.

    P.S. I tried to subscribe via RSS but the link isn’t working…

    • rebuildyourlifecoach

      Hi Marci,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I heard about that movie – definitely want to see it. How interesting about her helping people after the tsunami face their fears of water.
      Try subscribing through the regular email box. Sorry about that. I’m not too techy with this stuff.
      Stop by again. Best to you.


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