10 Ways to be Playful

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10 Ways to be Playful

I was in Los Angeles last month for a few days and had a wonderful time seeing my husband’s family and playing tourist to many sites and activities.  One of my highlights was meeting Leah Adler and getting to spend some fun time schmoozing with her. Who is Leah Adler, you ask?  She is Steven […]

8 Tips To Build Resiliency

In highlighting recently the idea of choice and that we can choose how we respond to our difficulties, which was brought out  in Julie Genovese’s interview and in Viktor Frankl’s quotes,  the concept of resilience comes to mind here. What exactly is resilience?  The Mayo Clinic’s definition is, “Resilience means being able to adjust to life’s misfortunes […]

Viktor Frankl and the Power of Choice

Lately I’ve seen a lot on the web about Viktor Frankl’s classic book, Man’s Search for Meaning.  Perhaps it’s ‘come’ to me because it’s one of my all time favorites.  In cleaning out my basement I just came across a paper I wrote in social work school (many moons ago) on The Self that incorporates many […]

Facing Our Difficulties With Conscious Choice

Here’s another big concept I’m picking up on from Julie Genovese’s wise words – the idea of Choice. We can choose how to respond and to see our challenges.  One person can see his obstacles as his demise; another sees it as an opportunity.  It’s all in the viewing.  If those glasses are too dark […]

Are We Setting the Stage for Expression of Feelings?

One of my take-aways from my interview with Julie Bond Genovese is the importance of open communication in the home. She states how in her family they didn’t talk about their negative emotions.  They wanted to “honor” their parents by not showing that anything was wrong.  And there was this “unspoken rule that you keep smiling […]

Interview with Julie Genovese

“If we keep staring at the closed doors, we won’t see the open  windows.”

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