“Leave No Regrets” (John Izzo)

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“Leave No Regrets” (John Izzo)

A new year is upon us.  Time to think about and carve out some new endeavors and adventures we want for this year; some goals and dreams to go for. New things involve – you guessed it – Risk-taking.  “And the day came when the wish to remain tight in a bud was more painful […]

“It Is What It Is….But it will become what you make it”

Lately I’ve been thinking how it seems to take a lot of work to live well.  But what’s the alternative –  cruise along life on auto-pilot and not really be too aware and conscious of what and how we’re doing.  But this working to improve ourselves, to grow, keep up the positive attitude, strive, push […]

Self-Care and Giving this Holiday Season

Last week I was invited to do a coaching session with a support group for people with traumatic brain injury (TBI).  My topic was dealing with the holiday season. When I asked my introductory question,  “What does this time of year bring up for you”?  the typical answers were shared aloud – celebrating, partying, giving, […]

We Must Bear the Torch of Goodness for All

I thought it might be apropos to follow up my most recent interview of Judy  Shepard  with photos and  comments from my visit and tour of Theresienstadt, a site of another horrific hate crime of huge proportion known as the Holocaust.  This ‘model’ ghetto, as it was known during World War II, is in the […]

Interview with Judy Shepard

  “We are trying to do what we think Matt would want us to do with this opportunity of having a voice. He’s with me every day when I do this. I know it or I couldn’t do this because I’m a shy, private person.”  Judy Shepard I’m back from vacation and eager to present […]

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