Honoring the Miracle of My Daughter’s Life By Seizing Life Now

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Honoring the Miracle of My Daughter’s Life By Seizing Life Now

I’ve always been a seizer, of opportunities that is.  However, since 2002, I’ve become a mindful and intentional seizer. In July 2002 my middle daughter,Nava, miraculously alive and basically recovered, walked out of her rehab hospital after a year-long medical crisis. I felt a strong need to honor her miraculous survival and recovery.  And so […]

Alex Blackwell on “Saying Yes To Change”

As many of you know, I do monthly interviews with inspirational people who have ‘successfully’  risen above their personal challenges to rebuild their lives with meaning, purpose and joy. I have been given a wonderful opportunity here – the chance to interview a most inspirational blogger who has just published his first book.  I am […]

Finding Our Way Back From Grief

We all deal with grief very differently.  Some don’t talk, some desperately need to .  Some withdraw into themselves,  others can’t be alone and need to be around people. When people go through a loss or an extremely difficult situation, the problem can be compounded by one another’s differences in coping and grieving style.  That […]

Inviting Parents to a Teleconference Class on Basic Communication Skills

In light of my upcoming teleconference class, I’m re-posting a previous post, slightly modified. One of the best aspects of my job as a school social worker (pre-retirement) was conducting parenting workshops.  And one of my favorite is the “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk” series.  The two authors, Adele […]

Teleconference Parenting Class

I’m stepping out and embarking on something new – a teleconference class.   Since I love doing parenting workshops, I figured I’d expand my repertoire and start offering some online classes.  Another avenue, another way of reaching people and another way of expanding myself. This first class will be about helping children deal with their feelings.  […]

Memoirs – The Raw Deal

I have always loved reading books about people’s struggles and how they are able to overcome them.   That’s why my favorite genre of books is memoirs.  I love the real thing.  I know fiction certainly portrays this theme, but I want to read about the real person with the real situation and the real human […]

Interview with Cheryl Strayed

I am so excited to present this month’s interviewee, Cheryl Strayed.  I am exceptionally happy for Ms. Strayed because her memoir, Wild, which just came out March 20th  has been getting rave reviews and is currently  #7 on the New York Times bestseller list.  And Reese Witherspoon has optioned the movie rights to Wild, in […]

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