Hiking as a Metaphor for Life in Seven Lessons

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Hiking as a Metaphor for Life in Seven Lessons

Hiking – a mindful, focused, present-oriented, small step activity.  I must be and do all of these as I put one foot in front of the other along the unpredictable terrain.  Especially on a steep ascent or steeply declining descent where I step with intention so my feet grip the earth, the mental concentration is […]

When Painful Things Happen and You Don’t Understand Why

Today’s posting is my guest post for the Tiny Buddha inspirational blog.  I am very happy to share this piece with you.  It is a theme that has been with me for years.  We often write about what we struggle with.  Here is my angst with the Why question and how I’ve come to terms with […]

3 Ways to Live With A {Scary} Chronic Illness

My interview with Meredith Vieira on living with chronic illness {in the family} made me think back to my family’s time when we lived through my daughter, Nava’s, chronic condition of ulcerative colitis.  Until it get managed well with the proper medicines, it was obviously difficult and emotionally painful to watch a loved one (in […]

“Illness is a Family Affair”: Interview with Meredith Vieira

I am so excited to put out this month’s interview with Meredith Vieira.   As most of you know Ms. Vieira is a journalist and TV personality.   She was the original talk show host of The View and co-hosted the Today show, the NBC early morning news program.   She currently hosts the TV game show, Who […]

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