Holding On When Life Spirals Out of Control

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Holding On When Life Spirals Out of Control

Sometimes it’s those things that come at us out of left field. Sometimes it’s a waiting game in a difficult and precarious situation. Sometimes it’s tough stuff remaining tough or getting worse. Sometimes we find ourselves on unexpected shaky ground. Whatever it is, how do we hang on when we come face-to-face with life’s hard […]

Responding to the Senselessness of Life

Last Thursday night I posted a piece on reactions to bad news.  Friday morning we all woke up to hearing the horrific news of the Colorado movie shooting tragedy. There is no sense that one can make of such a thing.  These are the times in life where we might go towards asking Why in […]

How Do We React When We Hear Bad News?

I’ve heard a succession of bad stories in the last few weeks.  Some awful things have happened to people I know {of}.   A sudden death of a woman from my safari travel group; a suicide of my close friend’s nephew; a stroke of someone (my age) in my community; a sudden serious illness of a […]

A Wish List on the Wall of ‘Hippieville’

(Peace Art by Kelly Anne Tearney) En route to our weekend get-a-way at a friend’s house in the Catskill mountains (of New York), we made a spontaneous detour to Woodstock.  That’s right, the hippie concert area of the late 1960’s.  What a great step-back into time.  Tie-dyed colors galore, guitars decorating street posts, smells of incense hitting […]

“Wild” Hits Number 1 on the NY Times Bestseller List – {Reposting} Interview with Cheryl Strayed

I am thrilled to hear that Wild  just hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.  Author Cheryl Strayed had accepted my request for a blog interview back in March.  So in her honor today and in my happiness for her I felt it appropos to repost her interview. And if you haven’t already done so, read this book.  It’s […]

Managing Anxiety

I’m staring up at the bird on the ceiling.  I’m on his wings flying off  to Somewhere.  Blue sky and puffy clouds surround him. This is all a great visual while I sit in the chair, my jaw hurting as I hold my mouth open as wide as I can during a painless root canal […]

Interview with Priscilla Warner – Bringing Calm to Her Life

“I haven’t had a full-blown panic attack in a couple of years.  Granted, my body is not always an ocean of tranquility.  I still feel lonliness, fear, and what I call the black-and-blues – the sadness I finally allow myself to feel, the sadness that panic covered up for so many years.” As many of […]

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