Recharging – Out in the Woods

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Recharging – Out in the Woods

I’ve become habituated to my mid-week mini vacation.  An hour and a half drive {towards} upstate with a morning bagel and chocolate croissant gets us to our ‘Wednesday hikers’  hiking destination.   Backpacks packed with lunch, snacks and plenty of water, deet sprayed, walking sticks in hand, we gather in the parking lot to hear the […]

Welcome to Rebuild Life Now

Welcome to my new blogging home.  This website has been designed and re-configured  by Joshua Denney, a talented and artistic ‘webguy’.  He also happens to be the tech guy behind the Tiny Buddha and the Bridgemaker sites, among many others.    This techy stuff is quite arduous for me so bear with me as I get familiar with […]

The Right Time

An empty cafe; perfect for us. We need the quiet so we can focus on each other’s precious words. We go in and sit down by a table that hugs the wall. A young, adorable guy takes our order. He brings us apple cider with pieces of apple floating on top and tea with mint […]

Picking Up The Pieces

THE BIRTH OF A CHILD is a dream come true. The birth of a handicapped child is a shattered dream. Nine and a half years ago, a dream became a reality for me – the birth of my second daughter. Seven months later that dream was shattered upon finding out she had neurological deficits. I […]

Ostomy Independence

“She’s a very sick young lady, but we’re cautiously optimistic,” was a phrase reiterated often by the intensive care doctors as Nava’s life hung by a thread. Each breath emitted by the ventilator signified life, while each strange beep was the scare of death. She lay in a drug-induced, paralyzed coma hooked up to every […]

Mission Pawsable: The Challenges of Raising a Service Dog

Yael, a 2 year old yellow lab, has just begun to fulfill his mission in life.  He has been groomed since birth to become a service dog.  My husband Alan and I got to play a part in Yael’s journey when we volunteered to become his foster parents. For one-and-a-half years we raised him, trained […]

Interview and Read-Away with Lori Deschene

I am so pleased to give you a glimpse into the making of a very wise and insightful writer, Lori Deschene.  Ms. Deschene  is the creator of the inspirational website, Tiny Buddha, and has built a huge community of followers of her daily blog posts that inform, inspire and help so many.   She is the […]

Managing is a Light-Long Endeavor

“Recovery (and I’m not a huge fan of the word because I don’t think one ever truly recovers from mental illness but rather learns to manage it) is not about the light at the end of the tunnel, but realizing that there is light – even if it’s just a tiny bit seeping into the […]

Interview with Andy Behrman

My close friend’s nephew took his own life last month.  A few days later a person by the name of Andy Behrman tweeted me that he has a ‘rebuilding’ story.  I read some of his articles and got the goose-bumps.  Here was a person who had ‘come’ to me in the immediate aftermath of the […]

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