Ten Simple Ways To Help Your Child Succeed

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Ten Simple Ways To Help Your Child Succeed

I invite you over to Parenting Simply where I have guest posted on some basic steps toward building our children’s character.   Success isn’t only defined by high academic performance .  We have to raise ‘menshes’ – good human beings.  We also have to allow our kids to fall and make mistakes so they can learn […]

Releasing Our Feelings So We Can Move

  Have you ever experienced a torrent of awful feelings where you just can’t get beyond them?  You’re being flooded by negative emotions, be it despair, hurt, anger, and you can’t seem to get your head above the water.  Everything appears foggy and there’s a heavy weight anchoring you down. A woman comes in filled […]

“Turning Dead Ends Into Doorways”- Book Interview with Staci Boden

In line with my theme of rebuilding life through challenges, I’ve got a great spiritual personal development book to introduce you to. Talk about synchronicity – this author just showed up in my email one day. With a sub-title like How To Grow Through Whatever Life Throws Your Way, I was sold. And so I […]

Happy New Year

On the eve of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana  (it’s actually Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday), my wish is for us all to find peace and joy within our lives, to bring satisfaction and meaning into our lives and to develop and maintain our ability to deal with our struggles and challenges in a […]

Inspiration from Aimee Copeland

“There’s a lot I don’t have that other people have, but there’s a lot I have that other people don’t have,” Aimee Copeland told Katie Couric on her new talkshow today.  “I have different abilities.” I walked into my mother’s doctor’s office this afternoon and found the TV muted with the new Katie Couric show […]

Highlighting Interviewees Who Have Created Meaning and Significance from Loss

I’ve always been inspired by people who take their losses and create great gains; people who turn their personal misfortunes into a greater good. Loss doesn’t have to be a death; it can be any life-altering trauma that leaves a person markedly changed forever. Years ago there was John Walsh who, after the tragic kidnapping […]

Interview with Robin Smalley of Mothers2Mothers

I am very pleased to introduce you to Robin Smalley, a woman who has turned her personal  losses into a huge gain for world health – the elimination of pediatric AIDS.   She has rebuilt her life, a totally new one at that, by serendipitously coming into her passion of giving to other mothers.   Ms. Smalley […]

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