“I’ve Lost Myself” – How to Reconnect with Oneself

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“I’ve Lost Myself” – How to Reconnect with Oneself

I recently gave a parenting workshop where I met a woman who, at the end of the session, broke down crying saying, “I am so overwhelmed and I’ve lost myself.  I’m nothing that I started out to be – not the professional I worked so hard to become- and I’m no fun anymore.”  When I, […]

How Do We Empower One Another?

Everybody needs to feel empowered. Nobody likes to feel stripped of their abilities and autonomy. No matter how limited a person or situation is, they must be able to have even the smallest sense of control.   Their voice needs to be heard in some fashion. This was the powerful message that came out of the […]

Maintaining Face-To-Face Connections

Come join me over at Alex Blackwell’s wonderful site, The Bridgemaker.  My guest post is something a little different – avoiding human extinction.   This is not rocket science and there’s certainly nothing new here.  But with screens and fingers taking over, our faces seem to be getting a bit blurry. Actually my eyes are getting […]

Help Stop Prescription Drug Abuse with Shannon Rouse Ruiz

Shannon Rouse Ruiz has become a fierce advocate for stopping medicine abuse.  With the tragic death of her teenage daughter, she went on to start P.E.A.C.E. – Prescription Education Abuse Counseling Empowerment. This is a growing problem that needs a lot of attention.  I am therefore very appreciative that Ms. Ruiz accepted my request for […]

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