Post Traumatic _______

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Post Traumatic _______

We’ve all heard of post traumatic stress.  But have you ever heard of post traumatic growth??  When I heard ‘my guy’ say this, I got so excited.  I mean this really speaks to me.  I don’t know if Tony Robbins coined this term or not, but I just heard him express this in a segment […]

Focus On What You Have, Not What You Don’t Have

I was just in Israel visiting my grandchildren.  Had a delicious time with six cuties. Unfortunately my trip was cut short because my mom wasn’t feeling well.  My mom lives at home with full time aides.  However, since I’m an only child, there’s no siblings to step in and cover for me.  My younger daughter […]

Emotional Flooding – A Tony Robbins Heart Exercise

I recently returned from one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I gave myself {and hubby} a most uplifting and life-changing experience –  a Tony Robbins four-day seminar.  I’m making the assumption you all know who he is; I will simply say here that he is a brilliant life master.  I view this seminar […]

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