Stepping into 2013 on a Positive Note

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Stepping into 2013 on a Positive Note

In anticipation of the new year, let’s take a few moments to reflect back on this past one.  I mean the good stuff of the year. It’s easy to point to our difficulties, problems and issues throughout the year.   Our brains are like the news –they tend to gravitate and focus on the negatives and […]

Reach Out and Help

In the midst of this week’s horrible sadness, I received a call asking me to don my clown costume and join in the holiday party at the assisted living home (where my father had been).  Without a second thought I said I’d be there. I thought to myself what perfect timing for such a request. […]

Thoughts on Grief

Blackness, despair, sickening hole, hopelessness, shock, disbelief – these are some words that are used to describe the depths of grief. Grievers must sit with these feelings; feel the pain;  be allowed their own timetable of despair;  be permitted to feel hopeless and death-like without trying to be talked out of it. Loss is forever.  […]

Compassion With Our Sandy Hook Elementary School Brethren

There are no words that do justice at this critical time of such horrific loss. (See Gretchin Rubin’s post here.) There is no rhyme, reason, rationale, logic, or answer to a senseless and horrendous act of violence towards our most innocent and vulnerable human beings. We must feel with our fellow brethren, pray with them […]

We Can Do It: Attaining Our New Goals By Taking Small Steps

It’s soon to be that time of year – a new one.  And that means many of us enter into it with new goals and visions.  We all know the common ones:  I’m going to lose weight, exercise regularly, eat better. And by February many of us have thrown in the towel.  We’re discouraged.  The […]

Nighttime Journaling For Better Sleep

In light of the fact that my recent interviewee, Priscilla Gilman said that one of her daily coping skills was getting enough sleep, I thought it quite interesting and serendipitous that I should receive a guest post submission request on the topic of…. you guessed it –Sleep.  Specifically, it’s on journaling as a technique for […]

Interview with Priscilla Gilman – Embracing the Strengths of a Special Needs Child

I am so pleased to introduce you to Priscilla Gilman, writer and English professor. In her memoir, The Anti-Romantic Child: A Memoir of Unexpected Joy, she uniquely and beautifully weaves her love of poetry, most specifically Wordsworth, into her story of parenting a special-needs child. This certainly spoke to me in a very personal way […]

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