Incorporating Vitamin F Into Your Diet

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Incorporating Vitamin F Into Your Diet

No, it’s not what you think it is. It’s  F  U  N. Is this part of your life?  Are you having fun on a regular basis?  What’s your dose of Fun? It’s a load lightener, so make sure you swallow some heavy doses of it often. Even in the throes of hardship, there’s a place […]

Talking With Our Children About Bad News

With all the bad stuff going on that even our youngest children are privy to, we as parents must be able to speak to them about it.  Because the alternative of not talking to them can only foster fantasies in their minds that may be incorrect or worse than the reality.   Sometimes we think, “better […]

A Quote A Day Keeps the Negativity Away

Welcome to the world of quotes.  Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been collecting quotes and tucking them in a folder.  But the funny thing is I rarely look at them.  It seems the quotes that impact my life reside in my memory where I refer to them and bring them forth instantly.  For […]

Putting You and Your Interests Back Into Your Life

Time to reclaim and reconnect with our interests.  As Susan Fernbach stated, “…it’s important to reclaim some of your own focus, goals and projects.  These can help recharge your batteries and help you feel good about something, especially amidst the grief that comes with loss of ability.” It’s not just amidst grief, it’s amidst life that […]

“A Mind Like Schwarzenegger’s Body” – Interview with Susan Fernbach on Behalf of Mark O’Brien (The Sessions)

  Mark O’Brien and his girlfriend Susan Fernbach cuddle outside his iron lung at his apartment in Berkeley in 1997. (Mary F. Calvert/Staff Archives)  Photo:   Wow, this is my second anniversary of interviews- 24 really inspirational and enlightening people.  There were {those infrequent} times when the end of the month was near with […]

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