There’s a Whole Person Beyond the Label of Sickness

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There’s a Whole Person Beyond the Label of Sickness

Treat a patient, not a disease.  This concept really resonated with me when I saw it beautifully portrayed  in the Patch Adams movie.  It’s not, ‘where’s  the diabetic’, it’s ‘where’s  Mr.  ___ who has diabetes.’    Sounds a bit semantical, nonsensical and a longer version of saying the same thing.  But in reality it has huge […]

Resourcefulness – A Perennial Characteristic of Success

  The defining factor is never resources, it’s resourcefulness” – Tony Robbins This quote says it all in terms of how we need to be raising our kids today.  The focus has been  on the external pursuits of grades, trophies, awards, which would ‘hopefully’ lead to that prestigious college, big job in a ‘big’ company, […]

Proactively Supporting A Friend In Need

Two of my close friends are going through difficult times: one due to the death of her mother with whom she had a very beautiful and close relationship, and the other with generalized anxiety and despair. In my attempts to be a good supportive friend, I’ve come to a realization.  It’s not enough to say, […]

How We Cope – It’s All About Mind-Set

Writing up my recent interview with Steven Benvenisti brought me back to my daughter, Nava’s,  medical crisis.  Visuals which had made their way to the background of my mind due to the passing of time (10 years now), suddenly were right back in front of my eyes.   Like Mr. Benvenisti, Nava miraculously has her life […]

Steven Benvenisti: Victim of Drunken Driving Accident Treated His Therapy Sessions Like Football Practice

While vacationing in Florida six weeks before college graduation, a repeat drunk driver lost control of his car and crashed into Steven Benvenisti while he was walking with his friends.  His legs were crushed, his face smashed through the windshield and his body was thrown 70 feet.  His prognosis was poor as he lay in […]

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