Talking With Children About Tragedy and Loss

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Talking With Children About Tragedy and Loss

Sex,God, death – these are some of those heavy duty topics that kids as young as four bring up that make us squirm and say, “oh no here they go again”.   They’re some of the biggies that make us want to shut down, change the subject, walk out of the room.  In plain honesty, we […]

Powerful Life Statements by Katrina Kenison

My interview with Katrina Kenison is to date my most popular interview.  It got picked up by numerous blogs, quoted, referred to and linked to more than any of my other 25 monthly interviews of the past two years.   I’d like to highlight a few of Ms. Kenison’s key and poignant statements. “A gift cannot be […]

“The Real Disability Is Ignorance”

“To all you people out there, yes of course we have challenges. But a real challenge-the real disability is ignorance.”  Bill Ott I feel compelled to share this incredible story.  It stands out as an extraordinary example of possibility, of limitless possibilities. We are all more than what we’re not. Hopefully, with time and societal […]

“Each Day is Precious, Singular and Irretrievable.”

“I recently read about an elderly man who, in an attempt to remind himself to live more consciously, filled a bowl with tiny stones that he counted out to represent the number of days he imagined he might still have left to live.  In good health at seventy three, he thought if his luck held […]

Our Journey Inward – From What Was to What Is: An Interview with Katrina Kenison

“When we lose anything we cherish — a way of life, a loved one, a dream, a belief, even the day-in-day-out presence of a child at home–a space that was filled in our lives, and in our hearts, is suddenly empty.  Sorrow, then, is surely a human, natural response.  And yet how reluctant we are […]

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