A Monkey’s Helping Hands – Interview with Ned Sullivan and Ellen Rogers

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A Monkey’s Helping Hands – Interview with Ned Sullivan and Ellen Rogers

I’m so pleased to present to you a double-whammy interview – mother and son.  And their adorable little helper. Ned Sullivan lives his life facing numerous challenges in the most high-spirited and upbeat manner.  Eight years ago he was in a near fatal car accident that left him paralyzed.  He has been rebuilding his life […]

A Lesson from the “Life Is Good” Brothers

Here’s a great bit of inspiration to start off your week. Let’s create a conceptual shift from ‘have to‘ to ‘get to‘.  Instead of thinking in terms of what we have to do, let’s view it as what we get to do.   One way is a chore, an obligation, a downer; the other is […]

Happiness Boosters

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”  Robert Herrick ( 17th century English poet) No time for what you want to do?  Are you overworked;  perhaps you’re a single parent holding down a couple of jobs.  Are you juggling a lot? Maybe you’re a caregiver; or maybe you’re pulled in so many directions because that’s how […]

Scheduling In Daily Exercise

Having written a post the other day about starting off our day by preparing ourselves internally to meet our external doings, I’d like to add another component.  It doesn’t have to be done in the mornings but it does need to be done.  And that is moving our body.  Bodies are made to move.  The […]

Start Your Day Off From the Inside Out

We bring who we are to what we do.  When we bring the best of who we are, we do great things.  We work from the inside out; we know ourselves, we have rich internal resources, we come from an authentic place, we are connected to what we do in a passionate and engaged manner. […]

Dealing With Those Uncomfortable Stares

Have you ever been stared at, pointed at, made to feel uncomfortable out in public?  My last interviewee, Candida Sullivan, said such a beautiful line about dealing with this discomfort:  “Stares and whispers no longer have any control over me.  All a stranger might see are my scars, but it is up to me to […]

“I’m Never Pain-Free But I Don’t Allow My Circumstances to Stop Me” – Interview with Candida Sullivan

How does someone go through life being constantly stared at?  Candida Sullivan is a pro at managing and living her life in a manner that elevates her and others beyond her external deformities.  Amniotic Band Syndrome affects her hands, arm and foot. Because of misaligned joints and spine, everyday activities create a lot of pain […]

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