3 Ways to Reduce Stress

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3 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress – a very common topic, too common.  We talk about it, read books about it, attend seminars and lectures.  We get ourselves stressed out by all the running around learning how to de-stress. How about taking a few action steps to simplify our lives so that we will take on less stress? Say No.  […]

Growth Beyond Trauma

“When we are no longer able to change a situation- we are challenged to change ourselves.”  Viktor Frankl We’ve all heard of post traumatic stress.  It’s a response to severe adversity.   There is another response known as post traumatic growth.  It’s the ability to positively change as an outcome of one’s struggle and challenge.   This […]

Holding Pain And Goodness Together To Create A Good Life

Can it be okay that it’s not O.K.? How do we adjust to what’s not okay – to what we don’t want, didn’t ask for and may not like? We may feel that our entire life is that ‘something’.  It may taint every aspect, if we allow it to.  Which is why it is so […]

4 Questions To Start You On Your Path Towards Rebuilding Your Life

Are you in the process of rebuilding your life, in any way, shape or form? New job, no job; new partner, no partner; new children, empty-nester; new home, lost home. I’m omitting a lot of other life circumstances  but I leave those to your imagination and situation.  There are oh so many life events which […]

To Be A Victim, Or Not

Ever have something lousy happen to you?  It seems to have come out of left field.  It’s completely out of your control.  And you go into that victim mode of “woe is me”. Even things that aren’t so terrible but to you they evoke that “why is this happening to me” knee-jerk response. We’ve all […]

Bringing Forth Our Strengths During Difficult Times

In my recent interview with Ellen Rogers, she emphasized the skills, or as I call them, character strengths, that helped her cope with her son’s devastating crisis.  And she wonders if she was born that way, with her abilities to be resourceful, to problem solve and to manage complex tasks.   The big concept for having […]

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