Creating Normalcy in a ‘Crazy’ Household

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Creating Normalcy in a ‘Crazy’ Household

How do we attempt to keep a sense of normality where there appears to be none?   This is one  question that’s been gnawing at me since I saw the powerful off-Broadway play, BOB . Bob suffers from mental illness and he grew up with severe acting-out behaviors.  Needless to say this took a huge toll […]

Does Your Past Create Your Present?

How hooked in are we to the blame game? When do we begin to take responsibility for our lives? When do we realize that our past may explain certain things but it does not have to continue creating a life we don’t like? Can we de-tangle from our past and work towards a better present […]

Through a Child’s Eyes

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary can be fun, if you make it that way. Taking a toddler on a car trip can be a bit challenging. You build in stops and look for everything possible to point out along the way. Moving clouds take on interesting shapes. “Hey, that looks like a big ball […]

“We Can’t Spend Our Lives Blaming Our Parents” – Interview With Katie Hafner

I am so pleased to introduce you to Katie Hafner, journalist and author of many books, her most recent being her ravely reviewed memoir, Mother Daughter Me. Does our past have to define our future?  Must a troubled childhood create a troubled adulthood? 1.       Give us a brief picture of your mother and your life. […]

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