Relationships – Real or Virtual

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Relationships – Real or Virtual

Relationships are a key element in life and are therefore a crucial aspect for coping and managing when things get tough.   Are we truly connected in an authentic way with those one or two close people to whom we can turn to for support?    Are we fostering those relationships during the ‘good’ times?  Are […]

Sleep – The Neglected Ingredient for a Healthy and Happier Life

There is something we all have at our disposal, that is an innate part of us, nature at its best, that if we were to utilize it more we’d be better off.  We’d manage our lives better, we’d be less prone to stress and when we would experience stress we’d be better able to handle […]

De-Paralyze Yourself By Taking That First Step

Ever feel that everything is just one big negative?   It’s one hardship after another?  No option looks good?  You feel paralyzed to make a move because it is all so anxiety-provoking?  The lens you’re looking through makes everything seem grim and bleak. If you were to stand at the bottom of a mountain and look […]

Roll Across America – Interview with Gabriel Cordell

A few months ago my town made the news for something uniquely wonderful.  Yes, a good piece of news for a change.  A man whose life was forever altered by a tragic accident came back home in a triumphant mission.  Gabriel Cordell (real name- Suheil Aghabi) rode across country in a standard wheelchair.  Starting out […]

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