Pushing Through Our Fears

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Pushing Through Our Fears

“80% of success is showing up.”  Woody Allen This is how I begin my workshop for parents on Developing Your Speaking Voice.  It’s a scary thing to sign on for something where you know you’re going to have to get up and speak in front of a group.  We know that public speaking is one […]

How Do You Respond to Someone’s Good News?

There’s a lot of attention given to being there for someone during a difficult time or circumstance in life; how we need to be supportive and empathic for our friend or family member in need. But have we thought about how we respond to each other when something positive happens?  Your partner gets a great […]

Stories That Stretch Us Beyond Our Standard Beliefs

Here’s to a couple of truly inspirational stories this past week.   Sunday, Nov. 3rd, was the New York Marathon.  The first story that I find totally uplifting and motivating is actually one that has a bittersweet ending.  The other one carries  on with renewed vim and vigor. Joy Johnson, an 86 year old woman, was […]

Unleashing the Limits of Dis-ability with Laverne Bissky

  Laverne Bissky has incorporated a life-changing challenge, that of having a child with disabilities,  into a goal and dream that takes her and her family to all corners of the earth.  It’s all about the ‘A’-bilities without the ‘Dis’.  This incredible woman, together with her family, shows us how to not just live, but […]

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