Positive Questions Lead to Positive Results

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Positive Questions Lead to Positive Results

What’s working well in your life? No matter what the issues and problems are, there are some things that are going well, something that works. “Where focus goes, energy flows.”  Tony Robbins Can we look to find what’s going well?  Because when we recognize that, more positive energy will go there and more good findings […]

Speaking From Your Heart

“What comes from the heart goes to the heart.”  Samuel Taylor Coleridge I am so proud of my parent group who participated in the “Developing Your Speaking Voice” series of workshops.  They breathed deeply, practiced relaxation imagery, visualized success and got up there in front of the room to share some incredibly moving personal stories. […]

Sculpting Our Coping Muscles

So you haven’t done so well lately in dealing with some difficulties.  Does that mean you’re doomed to never being able to handle things better? Does that mean, “I just don’t have what it takes.”  Sometimes we all feel that way.  But we have ‘handling’ muscles, coping muscles, resiliency muscles that with exercise can be […]

Who Inspires You?

I usually post an interview at the beginning of each month.  However this month I’ve decided to ask you, my readers, to share someone who has inspired you by how they’ve been able to overcome and rise up beyond their challenges; in other words to become better, not bitter. Who inspires you in the way […]

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