Mental Exercises To Prepare For Your Day

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Mental Exercises To Prepare For Your Day

We wake up in the morning to a whole new day; another chance at a fresh start.  We all know the usual rush rush rush, stress stress stress mornings.   How much better it could be if we built in a few minutes to psyche ourselves up to greet the day with our best self.  We’d […]

Meaning Helps Us Live Well

One of the most powerful ways of dealing with a difficult challenge is to find meaning or bring meaning to it.  It really helps us be able to tackle a hardship and later on to be able to not just survive it but thrive through it. When my daughter was in the throes of her […]

What Do We Do With Failure?

Tal Ben- Shahar, a positive psychology master,  has a great line that I find myself using in most of my workshops.  It’s that universal a concept.   “ Learn to fail or fail to learn.”  It’s simply a fact of life and no amount of shielding can keep us from experiencing failure at some points in […]

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