“I Did It” Promotes Self-Pride

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“I Did It” Promotes Self-Pride

It’s not so much how we do something but that we do it.   The group of students (5th and 6th graders) who attended the public speaking parent/child workshop brought this idea to life.   For the past three sessions, each child got up to give a short talk in front of the group. We all know […]

Focusing On What’s Working Well

What’s going well?  What’s working for you?   This is the key focus of positive psychology.  We start here and work from this perspective into the areas that are problematic. When I take students out of class for their 30 minutes of counseling, I start with WWW – what went well so far today.  (Credit goes to […]

Positive Psychology – A Way of Life

I just completed my 11 month course in positive psychology.  I feel proud and really good about it.  I had initially been ambivalent about taking it because I wasn’t sure if I had the discipline to stick with it, as most of it is online:  weekly videos, writing assignments (reflection papers) and study group calls, […]

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