What Brings You Joy?

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What Brings You Joy?

Caught up with the ‘doings’ of life?  Don’t know what you like anymore?  Lost all notion of your interests?  Haven’t been in touch with Yourself in years due to child-rearing, the busyness of life, just trying to keep your head above water, working long hours, juggling it all ….. Start to get back in touch […]

It’s Spring – Come On Out

Opening ourselves up to springtime – a time of renewal and growth. It’s been a long, cold and snowy winter here (on the East Coast of the United States).  We are so ready for spring.  How wonderful to see those first crocuses popping their heads up.  I noticed a lot of purple ones, but maybe […]

Being There For A Friend In Need

I’ve got a few friends going through some really tough times now.    And I’m feeling so helpless.  I think of them and their situations very often and feel really awful.  Thinking of them, feeling for them, empathizing, doesn’t cut it. Yes, I know – Be there for them.  But how does being there translate into […]

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