The Sorrow of Horror Stories

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The Sorrow of Horror Stories

Feeling barraged by all this bad news.  One horror story after another.  Devastating.  Penetrating.   Consuming.  Engulfing.  Pick the word – it’s all too much at the same time. Seven kids in one family dying in a house fire; a plane purposefully set into a downward spiral, crashing into jagged mountains, killing everyone onboard;  fire […]

Grief and Growth- A Therapist’s Perspective

Being on a grief and growth journey with you is an honor and privilege.  As painful as it is sitting here with you –  grief-stricken, numb, a broken egg shell of a person whose insides are pouring out –  I, your counselor,  hold your pain in all its rawness.   We sit together as your grief […]

Death At Its Best

A mother brings forth a child into this world; a ‘child’ leads a mother into the next world.   This is my thought as I lay next to my mother watching her die.   My mom passed away peacefully at age 97.   A celebration of life but even more profound for me at the moment is […]

The Grief of Now

  When you’re in the throes of awfulness you can’t think about tomorrow.  You’re in the powerfully crippling feelings of the moment.  And that needs to be attended to.  For it’s in the going through them that you will come through them to a new phase.  But it takes time, patience and work.   Wounds must […]

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