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Filling Your Bucket

Are you OK with giving to yourself, with doing for yourself, with taking care of You? Before you can practice self-care to any degree you have to believe that it is OK to tend to yourself; that you matter and you cannot run on empty no matter how little time there is. You’re not being […]

Living a Great Life, From a Dying Man

Some books are truly timeless, as they apply just as much today as when they were written. Such is the book, Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. Having just finished this book with my parent book clubs and had such amazing, stimulating and uplifting discussions around this life-affirming book, I feel moved to impart some […]

8 Ways to Handle Those Tough Times

We all have different ways of dealing with our stressors, our hardships, our challenges. How do you handle those tough times in your life? Do you confront it head-on? Do you look to avoid? Do you withdraw and retreat from life? Do you engage in any ‘holic’ or acting-out behaviors? Let’s look at some resilient […]

“Big Magic” For Parents

This month’s book for my parent book clubs is Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. (Yes, she wrote Eat, Pray and Love.) There’s no question this book promotes great and very lively discussion, even if the {heated} talk is around how unrealistic it is to even contemplate bringing creativity and interests […]

Viktor Frankl Quotes to Help You Cope

Man’s Search For Meaning by Dr. Viktor Frankl, is one of the top ten most influential books in the US. Written in 1946, Frankl writes about his experiences in Auschwitz concentration camp; and in part two of the book he discusses his theory of logotherapy, therapy of meaning. You might say his theories are life-friendly. […]

A Soothing Poem For a Turbulent Time

Welcome to my new and updated website!   In light of our nation’s election turmoil, anguish and as many negative words as you can come up with for this most disconcerting and shameful public time, I thought this poem would hit the spot.   The Peace of Wild Things  by Wendell Berry When despair for […]

The Right Time

An empty cafe; perfect for us. We need the quiet so we can focus on each other’s precious words. We go in and sit down by a table that hugs the wall. A young, adorable guy takes our order. He brings us apple cider with pieces of apple floating on top and tea with mint […]

Picking Up The Pieces

THE BIRTH OF A CHILD is a dream come true. The birth of a handicapped child is a shattered dream. Nine and a half years ago, a dream became a reality for me – the birth of my second daughter. Seven months later that dream was shattered upon finding out she had neurological deficits. I […]

Ostomy Independence

“She’s a very sick young lady, but we’re cautiously optimistic,” was a phrase reiterated often by the intensive care doctors as Nava’s life hung by a thread. Each breath emitted by the ventilator signified life, while each strange beep was the scare of death. She lay in a drug-induced, paralyzed coma hooked up to every […]

Mission Pawsable: The Challenges of Raising a Service Dog

Yael, a 2 year old yellow lab, has just begun to fulfill his mission in life.  He has been groomed since birth to become a service dog.  My husband Alan and I got to play a part in Yael’s journey when we volunteered to become his foster parents. For one-and-a-half years we raised him, trained […]

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