Look For The Silver Lining

Look For The Silver Lining

So what’s the silver lining in your recent challenge?

For me it was the fact that my severe joint pain hit my left hand, that I was able to walk and that everything about our trip was just so perfect – the weather, accommodations, beauty, logistical arrangements and touring.

I developed some weird allergic reactions to a couple of antibiotics.  One antibiotic was given for my infected root canal and when I developed a  C-diff type terrible stomach reaction, I was given another antibiotic to quell that.  A few days later I broke out in hives and a skin rash.

We were due to go on vacation so I stopped the antibiotics (as per doctor’s orders) and took benedryl for the itches.

A few days into the trip I developed swelling and joint pain in my hand, the likes of which I have never experienced.  That progressed to severe joint pain in different parts of my body.  I couldn’t raise my arms and layed like a mummy to go to sleep.

But as long as I could walk, we went about our travel days.   So I needed some help pulling my arms through my clothes.  And I, totally out-of-character, probably took more tylenols that week than in my lifetime.   (not much of an exaggeration here)

As long as my gut stayed good (which is my weak link), I was determined to proceed with a gorgeous trip.

And so I kept pulling myself back to the all the good and kept looking for all ‘at leasts’: at least it’s not my right hand, at least it’s not my stomach, at least the couple of health people I saw were good, at least we’re still doing what we set out to do.

When I had to lay down at a friend’s house, the surrounding view from all the windows was the most amazing thing to bring about a sense of comfort and beauty.

I had one more little bleep on this trip.  I lost my glasses.  At least I had my prescription sunglasses.  Now this will push me to finally go for those progressives that I’ve been resisting.    I just picked out funky frames so I’m excited to get them.

My joint pain is gone with the help of another little pill – prednisone.  Here’s hoping my body is back on track as I wean off the steroid, and that I can go off to Israel next week feeling restored for a visit with another natural wonder of life – grandkids – these whom I get to see only once or twice a year.   But I’m not really complaining – I’m grateful to have this great bunch.


How do you pull yourself up so you don’t wallow in your mishaps?  The thorn is there and so is the rose.  What will take precedence?


Coaching/counseling with Harriet is about coping and going through those adverse times and situations and growing beyond them towards a rich life filled with renewed meaning and joy.  Contact me here. 

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