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Mindfulness – The Rich Life

Walking along a beautiful nature trail, crunching those fallen golden leaves under our feet, hubby says, “ so what’s your schedule for tomorrow (Monday).  A very common question for him.  My response has lately become, “Let’s not talk about tomorrow right now, let’s just focus on here and now and take it in.”  May sound […]

Concentration Camps, Elie Wiesel and Goodness

It all seems to be coming together in some strange way but I’m not sure to what end.  Last month I went on a week-long  history trip to Poland to visit the new and old of Jewish Poland.   We went to the concentration camps  of Treblinka and  Auschwitz-Birkenau, the forests which contain  the mass graves […]

Feeling Alone In A Season Of Joy

  The official holiday season is upon us.  A time to be joyful and happy.   But for oh so many it’s not quite that glowing a time.  In fact, it’s the opposite.   And because the hoopla is so high and dazzled with such excitement, the low tide of those feeling anything but, is expansive, magnified […]

The 3 Rs of Self-Care

Going through your regular daily chores of living or dealing specifically with a rough, challenging situation(s) requires you to keep yourself replenished so that you can carry on well, cope and give to those in your care.  In other words, minimize running on empty, burning out and falling apart. Just as we must have water […]

The Dash of Life – Between Our Birth and Death Date

Unless you’re looking at a tombstone, you’re probably not going to notice or certainly not think about the little line between the person’s birth date and death date.  And even when you see it, you may not really think about and reflect on what that line means. It means everything!   In between those two dates […]

Powerful Questions To Guide You Along Your Path

Ah, the power of the question to get us thinking, really thinking; to reach a layer of ourselves that perhaps we haven’t yet examined or even thought about.  This is one way we can peel away the layers and continue to get to know our real selves – what matters to us, how we want […]

Life Lessons by Eleanor Roosevelt

I was like a tourist yesterday going to a landmark I had never been to right in my own backyard; well it was a two hour drive.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s home in Hyde Park, New York.   I’m not a museum person but I am a memoir person and love learning about people and how […]

{Com}Passion – A Necessary Combination

My rabbi gave a beautiful sermon this past Saturday in synagogue.  He spoke of passion and compassion as being closely tied together; that just by adding ‘com’ to the word passion, you’ve created the greatest virtue of all.  Both words call upon us to feel deeply. I never thought of these words as being connected.  […]

Coming Back To Ourselves

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”  Mary Oliver “Who am I”, you may ask yourself all too many times.  You’ve forgotten yourself in the midst of all the stress, chaos and turmoil of life. Every time I facilitate a workshop, there’s at least one participant […]

Look For The Silver Lining

So what’s the silver lining in your recent challenge? For me it was the fact that my severe joint pain hit my left hand, that I was able to walk and that everything about our trip was just so perfect – the weather, accommodations, beauty, logistical arrangements and touring. I developed some weird allergic reactions […]


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