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A Soothing Poem For a Turbulent Time

Welcome to my new and updated website!   In light of our nation’s election turmoil, anguish and as many negative words as you can come up with for this most disconcerting and shameful public time, I thought this poem would hit the spot.   The Peace of Wild Things  by Wendell Berry When despair for […]

Wake Up To Your Life

Meet it, embrace it, look at it straight in its face and do what you have to do to make it the best possible life you have.  Given what may come along over which you have no control, it’s still your life to carve and shape-  to make of it something good, something of value, […]

Releasing Yourself From Your Pain

We often have no control over a lousy circumstance.   A death, an illness, an accident, a breakup, a job loss – these things can just happen to us, without any responsibility on our part.  (Although we need to always check ourselves to see if and what our part may have been, from which we can […]

Living With Pain And Hope

  How do we find our way back into the world after an awful and painful life situation? After a divorce we wonder if we’ll ever love again.  After the death of a loved one, we grief so deeply and wonder if the blackening sadness and excruciating pain will ever go away?  Dealing with an […]

Learning Resiliency Gets Us Through Life

I’m sure we’ve all, at some point, looked at someone going through a difficult time who appears to be handling it fairly well and remarked, ‘I could never be like them, they’re so strong.’  And we think they’re just naturally strong and can handle anything. The truth is (according to the latest research) that although […]

Being With Our Emotions

People sometimes say, ‘Don’t just sit there, do something.’ But we have to reverse that statement to say, ‘Don’t just do something, sit there.’”  Thich Nhat Hanh   The introduction and now prevalence of the concept of mindfulness into mainstream society (not just up on mountain tops with monks and spiritual gurus) has brought with […]

Mindfulness – The Rich Life

Walking along a beautiful nature trail, crunching those fallen golden leaves under our feet, hubby says, “ so what’s your schedule for tomorrow (Monday).  A very common question for him.  My response has lately become, “Let’s not talk about tomorrow right now, let’s just focus on here and now and take it in.”  May sound […]

Concentration Camps, Elie Wiesel and Goodness

It all seems to be coming together in some strange way but I’m not sure to what end.  Last month I went on a week-long  history trip to Poland to visit the new and old of Jewish Poland.   We went to the concentration camps  of Treblinka and  Auschwitz-Birkenau, the forests which contain  the mass graves […]

Feeling Alone In A Season Of Joy

  The official holiday season is upon us.  A time to be joyful and happy.   But for oh so many it’s not quite that glowing a time.  In fact, it’s the opposite.   And because the hoopla is so high and dazzled with such excitement, the low tide of those feeling anything but, is expansive, magnified […]

The 3 Rs of Self-Care

Going through your regular daily chores of living or dealing specifically with a rough, challenging situation(s) requires you to keep yourself replenished so that you can carry on well, cope and give to those in your care.  In other words, minimize running on empty, burning out and falling apart. Just as we must have water […]


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