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Rebooting for the new year

Hi, I’m Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. Today’s the first day of autumn. And what does that symbolize, besides coming into the cold weather in a few months? How about looking at it as a time to reboot, refresh, decide how this year is going to look when we go to school. When […]


Hi, I’m Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. We’ve all looked up at that dark sky at night when all the stars are out and thought it was just so beautiful and so calming. We’ve sat by the ocean and looked far out as if it was the end of the horizon. We’ve all […]

The Real Deal

Hi, this is Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. I have this real neat box of tissues that has these great words on it. I’ll show you if you can see – Imagine, Smile, Create, Amaze – and it got me thinking, are we really engaging in life in the real way? More often […]

Manage Stress

Hi, this is Harriet and welcome to the Happy Minute. Stress. Last time we spoke about the idea of good stress, but when we think of stress, we really think of the negative aspects of it. Anxiety, the pressure, the overload. But as we said last time, we need stress. Our body needs stress for […]

Good Stress

 This is Harriet. Welcome to the Happy Minute. Did you know that there is such a thing as good stress? We all associate stress with negativity, anxiety, inability to manage and handle, but we need good stress in our bodies. You’ve all heard of the fight or flight response. We need those almost, shall […]


 Hi, I’m Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. Do you ever think of the word playful? What it means, who it relates to? I’m sure we all think of the word play in terms of children. But how about playful in terms of our spirit and our personalities so that we reconnect with […]


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