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The Five Stages of Moving Through Grief

We are born to die. It’s a harsh statement but its truth cannot be questioned. In the US alone, according to the Center for Disease Control, almost 3 million people died in 2017, 864 per 100,000. Death is the inherent aspect of being alive, and it brings with it one of the most painful forms […]

The ABC’s of Coping During the Unprecedented Time of Global Pandemic

We are all living on uncharted terrain, rough and rocky and very unstable under our feet. It’s all unknown and unpredictable and this causes normal and natural fear and anxiety. We’re all creatures of habit and we like the known and predictable. Just as children do better with structure, routine, and stability, so do we. […]

4 Easy Ways to Renew Your Life

We press the refresh button on our computer. How much more so do we humans need to refresh ourselves. We get stale and stuck and lose our joie de vivre, our zest for life. So, how do we add more vim and vigor to our daily lives and step into better days? How do we get […]

How to Adjust to a New Normal

Something precious and significant is taken from us. A death, an accident, a diagnosis, a broken marriage happens and loss and grief set in. We collapse into the ruins of disaster. Our current path is gone, flooded out by raging waters, sinking us into complete darkness. An envisioned future is gone. We crawl into that […]

The Right Time

An empty cafe; perfect for us. We need the quiet so we can focus on each other’s precious words. We go in and sit down by a table that hugs the wall. A young, adorable guy takes our order. He brings us apple cider with pieces of apple floating on top and tea with mint […]

Picking Up The Pieces

THE BIRTH OF A CHILD is a dream come true. The birth of a handicapped child is a shattered dream. Nine and a half years ago, a dream became a reality for me – the birth of my second daughter. Seven months later that dream was shattered upon finding out she had neurological deficits. I […]

Ostomy Independence

“She’s a very sick young lady, but we’re cautiously optimistic,” was a phrase reiterated often by the intensive care doctors as Nava’s life hung by a thread. Each breath emitted by the ventilator signified life, while each strange beep was the scare of death. She lay in a drug-induced, paralyzed coma hooked up to every […]

Mission Pawsable: The Challenges of Raising a Service Dog

Yael, a 2 year old yellow lab, has just begun to fulfill his mission in life.  He has been groomed since birth to become a service dog.  My husband Alan and I got to play a part in Yael’s journey when we volunteered to become his foster parents. For one-and-a-half years we raised him, trained […]


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