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The Right Time

An empty cafe; perfect for us. We need the quiet so we can focus on each other’s precious words. We go in and sit down by a table that hugs the wall. A young, adorable guy takes our order. He brings us apple cider with pieces of apple floating on top and tea with mint […]

Picking Up The Pieces

THE BIRTH OF A CHILD is a dream come true. The birth of a handicapped child is a shattered dream. Nine and a half years ago, a dream became a reality for me – the birth of my second daughter. Seven months later that dream was shattered upon finding out she had neurological deficits. I […]

Ostomy Independence

“She’s a very sick young lady, but we’re cautiously optimistic,” was a phrase reiterated often by the intensive care doctors as Nava’s life hung by a thread. Each breath emitted by the ventilator signified life, while each strange beep was the scare of death. She lay in a drug-induced, paralyzed coma hooked up to every […]

Mission Pawsable: The Challenges of Raising a Service Dog

Yael, a 2 year old yellow lab, has just begun to fulfill his mission in life.  He has been groomed since birth to become a service dog.  My husband Alan and I got to play a part in Yael’s journey when we volunteered to become his foster parents. For one-and-a-half years we raised him, trained […]


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