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“The day you realize you have a choice is the day you take your power back.”

I’m thrilled to once again resume my interviews of people who have triumphed over adversity;  people who, from the depths of their pain and most difficult challenges, teach us about living well, or as I like to say – living well despite… Karen Salmansohn, author, designer and founder of refers to me as a […]

Viktor Frankl Quotes to Help You Cope

Man’s Search For Meaning by Dr. Viktor Frankl, is one of the top ten most influential books in the US. Written in 1946, Frankl writes about his experiences in Auschwitz concentration camp; and in part two of the book he discusses his theory of logotherapy, therapy of meaning. You might say his theories are life-friendly. […]

A Soothing Poem For a Turbulent Time

Welcome to my new and updated website!   In light of our nation’s election turmoil, anguish and as many negative words as you can come up with for this most disconcerting and shameful public time, I thought this poem would hit the spot.   The Peace of Wild Things  by Wendell Berry When despair for […]


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