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A Story of Transcendence, In A Backwards Sort-of Way

Watching my favorite morning show while exercising, I saw a segment on this amazing feat – long-distance running, backwards. I was totally intrigued with Justine Galloway’s ability to do this, and her subsequent story. I’m always interested in people pushing through their challenges and bringing forth their strengths to persevere and carry on in a thriving way. In […]

“I couldn’t have ever imagined life seeming ‘normal’ again”

Meet Susan Angel Miller, a community volunteer, organ donation advocate and proud author of the book, Permission To Thrive: My Journey from Grief to Growth. She’s lived through every parent’s worst nightmare – the loss of a child – and then her own terrifying medical crisis.  Together with her resilient husband and their other two […]

“The day you realize you have a choice is the day you take your power back.”

I’m thrilled to once again resume my interviews of people who have triumphed over adversity;  people who, from the depths of their pain and most difficult challenges, teach us about living well, or as I like to say – living well despite… Karen Salmansohn, author, designer and founder of refers to me as a […]

The Good and Bad Habits of Going Through Grief and Becoming Mentally Strong

I haven’t posted a blog interview for quite a while.  I’m actually working on compiling 3 years worth of my monthly interviews into a book.  When I stumbled upon Amy Morin online, I had to ask her to do a blog interview.  Her personal and professional life is the theme of my work and blog- […]

Taking Care Of Our Mind – Interview With Dan Harris

I recently attended a panel discussion on meditation led by Dan Harris, journalist and ABC news co-anchor of Nightline and Good Morning America.  An original skeptic, he has learned how to “tame the voice in his head and reduce stress without losing his edge”  by meditating.  After suffering a panic attack on air, he began […]

“You Have Too Many Issues…” – Interview With Susan Mahon

  My January interview starts off here with my interviewee’s My Turn article published in Newsday, a New York newspaper.      STAYING THE COURSE In March 2000, my husband and I, after 23 years of marriage, decided to legally separate. The very next day, my 71-year-old mother was killed in a car accident on […]

Unleashing the Limits of Dis-ability with Laverne Bissky

  Laverne Bissky has incorporated a life-changing challenge, that of having a child with disabilities,  into a goal and dream that takes her and her family to all corners of the earth.  It’s all about the ‘A’-bilities without the ‘Dis’.  This incredible woman, together with her family, shows us how to not just live, but […]

Roll Across America – Interview with Gabriel Cordell

A few months ago my town made the news for something uniquely wonderful.  Yes, a good piece of news for a change.  A man whose life was forever altered by a tragic accident came back home in a triumphant mission.  Gabriel Cordell (real name- Suheil Aghabi) rode across country in a standard wheelchair.  Starting out […]

“We Can’t Spend Our Lives Blaming Our Parents” – Interview With Katie Hafner

I am so pleased to introduce you to Katie Hafner, journalist and author of many books, her most recent being her ravely reviewed memoir, Mother Daughter Me. Does our past have to define our future?  Must a troubled childhood create a troubled adulthood? 1.       Give us a brief picture of your mother and your life. […]

A Monkey’s Helping Hands – Interview with Ned Sullivan and Ellen Rogers

I’m so pleased to present to you a double-whammy interview – mother and son.  And their adorable little helper. Ned Sullivan lives his life facing numerous challenges in the most high-spirited and upbeat manner.  Eight years ago he was in a near fatal car accident that left him paralyzed.  He has been rebuilding his life […]


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