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“I couldn’t have ever imagined life seeming ‘normal’ again”

Meet Susan Angel Miller, a community volunteer, organ donation advocate and proud author of the book, Permission To Thrive: My Journey from Grief to Growth. She’s lived through every parent’s worst nightmare – the loss of a child – and then her own terrifying medical crisis.  Together with her resilient husband and their other two […]

Parenting kids towards dependence and emotional crippling

Lawnmower parenting is it! It’s the relatively new term and concept that has pushed aside the helicopter parent of today.  It’s similar but may be even more overt in the damage it can do to our children and teens. What is it?  It’s getting rid of, plowing through and removing every obstacle and unsightly mess.  […]

Do you want to make your children safe or strong?

I’m in the middle of reading Jordan Peterson’s extremely thought-provoking book, 12 Rules For Life:  An Antidote To Chaos.  This is no fluff or quick-read self-helpy book; rather it’s a slow, deep read that really stretches your brain.  One chapter at a time is all I can do.  It feels great reading something that stretches […]

Giving Our Kids the Best Practice Years of Their Life

I’m excited to share my guest blog post featured today at Challenge Success.    What is Challenge Success, you ask?  “Challenge Success works with schools and families to develop research-based strategies that provide kids with the academic, social and emotional skills needed to succeed now and in the future.” “At Challenge Success, we believe that our […]

Talking With Children About Tragedy and Loss

Sex,God, death – these are some of those heavy duty topics that kids as young as four bring up that make us squirm and say, “oh no here they go again”.   They’re some of the biggies that make us want to shut down, change the subject, walk out of the room.  In plain honesty, we […]

Resourcefulness – A Perennial Characteristic of Success

  The defining factor is never resources, it’s resourcefulness” – Tony Robbins This quote says it all in terms of how we need to be raising our kids today.  The focus has been  on the external pursuits of grades, trophies, awards, which would ‘hopefully’ lead to that prestigious college, big job in a ‘big’ company, […]

Talking With Our Children About Bad News

With all the bad stuff going on that even our youngest children are privy to, we as parents must be able to speak to them about it.  Because the alternative of not talking to them can only foster fantasies in their minds that may be incorrect or worse than the reality.   Sometimes we think, “better […]


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