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4 Easy Ways to Renew Your Life

We press the refresh button on our computer. How much more so do we humans need to refresh ourselves. We get stale and stuck and lose our joie de vivre, our zest for life. So, how do we add more vim and vigor to our daily lives and step into better days? How do we get […]

Rebooting for the new year

Hi, I’m Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. Today’s the first day of autumn. And what does that symbolize, besides coming into the cold weather in a few months? How about looking at it as a time to reboot, refresh, decide how this year is going to look when we go to school. When […]


 Hi, I’m Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. Do you ever think of the word playful? What it means, who it relates to? I’m sure we all think of the word play in terms of children. But how about playful in terms of our spirit and our personalities so that we reconnect with […]

Spreading Goodness in the Face of Tragedy

  Hi, I’m Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. The word happy somehow doesn’t jive today from my minute, considering the horrific weekend we’ve had in our country with the tragic killings of innocent people due to evilness, baseless hatred, mental illness, however you want to view it, and our helplessness and our grief, […]

Don’t Wait For the Crisis – Now’s the Time to Strengthen Your Resiliency Muscles

Let’s say things are going along fairly well, status quo for you right now.  Meaning there are no major bumps in the road, no out-of-the-blue surprise attack of a lost job, awful diagnosis, partner leaving, or any other major event that would completely throw you off balance and into a major melt-down.  Then now’s the […]


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