Rebooting for the new year

Rebooting for the new year

rebooting for the new year

Hi, I’m Harriet, and welcome to the Happy Minute. Today’s the first day of autumn. And what does that symbolize, besides coming into the cold weather in a few months? How about looking at it as a time to reboot, refresh, decide how this year is going to look when we go to school. When kids go to school, they get new boxes of crayons and notebooks and they start fresh, new knapsacks, lunchboxes, some new clothes. How are we going to start fresh? Just because we’re not in school doesn’t mean this can’t be a time to rejuvenate ourselves. What picture are we going to paint or draw with our new box of crayons or paints? We could outline it and then slowly during the year, fill it in with colors as they come about. So think about that. Rebooting, refreshing for this new year.

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