Wake Up To Your Life

Wake Up To Your Life

Meet it, embrace it, look at it straight in its face and do what you have to do to make it the best possible life you have.  Given what may come along over which you have no control, it’s still your life to carve and shape-  to make of it something good, something of value, meaning and joy.

The days will come and go.  The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets will mark yet another day.  How will you meet the next one, the new one?  How will you live it?


On autopilot, going through the motions of living – of habit and routine-with your head down racing to the next and the next,  unaware?

With mindfulness – attention, awareness and appreciation?

With passivity?

With initiation?

With blame and victimhood?

With responsibility and choices?

With curiosity and interest – being open and engaged with what comes your way?

With boredom, staleness?

With enthusiasm, awe?

With helplessness?

With renewal and control?

With stagnation?

With growth?

With resilience and get-up?

With failure and give-up?

With dreams and goals?

With openness to possibility?


The choice is always yours.  There’s a lot of living to do!


Watch and get inspired!




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