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You'd give anything to feel like you're living your life again.

And yet you feel overwhelmed with the deep pain of sadness, you find yourself crying more often than you'd like, you feel stuck or you may be distracting yourself so you don't have to face your grief over your loss. You know you need to do something different but you can barely put one foot in front of the other. You might even have friends or family telling you that you should talk to someone. It's easy to feel defeated when the rug has been pulled out from under you.

Of course you're going to feel like that after something this intense has shaken you.

Working with the right counselor can help you cope and rebuild your life. My practice specializes in helping you find renewed meaning and purpose after the loss of a loved one, divorce, illness or disability.

Together we walk through your journey of grief and growth.

Meet Harriet
Meet Harriet Cabelly LCSW

ā€œā€œI believe healing takes place when pain is unloaded and contained in a safe and inviting space, and where you are encouraged to take small steps towards living well again. Iā€™m here to support you in taking those steps.ā€

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