New Book Reflects on the Limitless Potential of the Human Spirit

“Living Well Despite Adversity: Inspiration for Finding Renewed Meaning and Joy in Your Life by Harriet Cabelly, is a collection of interviews with 37 people. Many are well known such as Letty Cottin Pogrebin, author and activist, who talks about how to support a friend through illness, and journalist and TV personality Meredith Vieira, who shares her views on caregiving.

Cabelly is a social worker and positive psychology coach, who was inspired by the words of Dr. Viktor Frankl early in her life. “The work of Dr. Frankel has been a foundational stone of my life from the first time I picked up his book, Man’s Search for Meaning when I was 18. Only now has it all come together, with positive psychology, and informed my life.” She calls it her guidepost for living well despite adversity. Cabelly is a coaching expert on the WOR radio show, Change Your Attitude, Change your Life and has appeared on ABC News as a parenting coach. This is her first book. In her Introduction, Cabelly writes “What does it mean then to live well? It means living with a sense of meaning and purpose, with an ability to experience joy and satisfaction. It means to embrace the positive and deal with the negative; to live aligned with one’s values; to live with intention and be an active creator.”

In her Epilog, Cabelly writes, “My hope is that these interviews have shown that regardless of circumstances, life can be lived well. It is possible to rebuild and turn pain to purpose and ultimately reclaim a rich meaningful life. The human spirit is limitless and we have reservoirs of untapped potential.”

— Marian Betancourt is a professional writer and editor who has published many books and scores of newspaper and magazine articles.

Cabelly’s interview subjects spanned a wide range of people struggling with adversity. One of my all time favorite writers Cheryl Strayed gave sage advice. Temple Grandin was also included among many others sharing their struggles and wisdom. Cabelly adds her observations after each section summing up the words and lessons of each interview. An important book and one to share with anyone struggling with adversity.

— Rachel, Amazon review

Thank goodness for this book! It is a wonderful read. As someone who was once in a dark place, myself, due to tribulations, it was enlightening to read so many other uplifting stories. An inspirational book.

— Charlotte, Amazon review

Harriet Cabelly has brought together what I call a human treasury. What would it be worth to sit down with several dozen members of our species and find out what it is that allows them to live well despite adversity? That what this book does. Harriet did the interviews, we get to be the beneficiaries of all of that wisdom from people who have reasons to know.

— Dr. Paul, Amazon review

I am savoring the wise words in this book. Even from the very beginning, I already found the most helpful advice which I am taking to heart, to implement into my daily life. In addition, I ordered a copy for my friend who was just recently informed that she is possibly facing a cancer relapse. She is desperate for encouragement on how to cope with this struggle and think more positively. I know this book will be of enormous help to her.

— Samuel, Amazon review







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