8 Ways to Handle Those Tough Times

8 Ways to Handle Those Tough Times

We all have different ways of dealing with our stressors, our hardships, our challenges. How do you handle those tough times in your life?

Do you confront it head-on?
Do you look to avoid?
Do you withdraw and retreat from life?
Do you engage in any ‘holic’ or acting-out behaviors?

Let’s look at some resilient ways of dealing with the ‘downs’ of life.

1. Self-care: This is when you need it the most and when you’re most likely to neglect yourself.
Sleep – and even try for an extra hour. It’s restorative to the mind and body.
Eat simple and well – especially when we may skip eating due to upset or constantly running to deal with the situation, or we may overeat and gorge on junk.
Exercise – equals stamina and strength. Doing something physical keeps you strong in body and mind. Endorphins kick in givinging you a boost and clearing the mind to better deal with what’s at hand.
Meditation – silently sitting helps quiet your insides from all the turmoil and upset.
These are all ways to strengthen yourself which gives you greater ability to cope. Coping skills are greatly reduced when you’re over-fatigued, over-stressed and in a weakened position.

2. Go out and see and feel the bigger world. Get in nature, go to the ocean, watch a sunrise/sunset, find a view – it brings perspective and we feel part of something beyond ourselves.

3. Do something for someone else. Gets you outside yourself.

4. Give yourself permission for a break-away enjoyable activity. Even the smallest bit of joy and yes, maybe even fun, will give you a well-deserved reprieve and you’ll return to the problem at hand in a better frame of mind, better able to manage. It breaks the cycle of negativity and is rejuvenating.

5. Be proactice. Problem-solve. Take action. Explore options and get information. These are things you can do top feel some sense of control.

6. WWW – What’s working well – be mindful of what’s OK in the midst of difficulty. It provides perspective that it’s not all bad, although it may seem it at the time.

7. ‘Permission to be human’ (Tal Ben-Shahar) – Allow all feelings to be felt. “I’ve just got to let myself feel the pain, because if I don’t, if I keep numbing it, it’ll never go away.” (from the book, Girl on the Train)

8. Stay connected. Isolating only adds to the pain. Everyone needs support and sometimes you can even ask for it. There are certainly times when being alone is needed and comforting; even having a pity party can be healing. But then do reconnect.

“Tough times never last but tough people do.” (Robert H. Schuller)

Grow your resiliency muscles. It’s in your control just by choosing to do so and acting on it.

If you need some support or guidance along the way,I’m here for you on your journey as you create your richly engaged and meaningful life.

What do you do to keep yourself afloat and manage better?


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