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The ABC’s of Coping During the Unprecedented Time of Global Pandemic

We are all living on uncharted terrain, rough and rocky and very unstable under our feet. It’s all unknown and unpredictable and this causes normal and natural fear and anxiety. We’re all creatures of habit and we like the known and predictable. Just as children do better with structure, routine, and stability, so do we. […]

Manage Stress

Hi, this is Harriet and welcome to the Happy Minute. Stress. Last time we spoke about the idea of good stress, but when we think of stress, we really think of the negative aspects of it. Anxiety, the pressure, the overload. But as we said last time, we need stress. Our body needs stress for […]

Good Stress

 This is Harriet. Welcome to the Happy Minute. Did you know that there is such a thing as good stress? We all associate stress with negativity, anxiety, inability to manage and handle, but we need good stress in our bodies. You’ve all heard of the fight or flight response. We need those almost, shall […]

Don’t Wait For the Crisis – Now’s the Time to Strengthen Your Resiliency Muscles

Let’s say things are going along fairly well, status quo for you right now.  Meaning there are no major bumps in the road, no out-of-the-blue surprise attack of a lost job, awful diagnosis, partner leaving, or any other major event that would completely throw you off balance and into a major melt-down.  Then now’s the […]


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