Filling Your Bucket

Filling Your Bucket

Are you OK with giving to yourself, with doing for yourself, with taking care of You?
Before you can practice self-care to any degree you have to believe that it is OK to tend to yourself; that you matter and you cannot run on empty no matter how little time there is. You’re not being selfish and there’s no payoff for martyrdom.

You know the old airplane deal – put on your own oxygen mask first. Just use that principle in deciding, and yes, it is a decision, to take some time out for you. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So after you actually decide that you are a person too who needs some consistent ‘maintenance’, you must tackle the time aspect. It’s so easy to say, ‘there’s no time to do anything for me.’ The kids, the work, the parents……… the perennial treadmill of busyness. We all know how much time we waste on social media and with all kinds of distractions. It’s about making the decision to put yourself into your schedule – a few minutes a day, an hour a week – something doable. It’s these micro periods of time that can actually replenish and rejuvenate you.

There’s always tons of reasons, or more honestly excuses, for not taking/making a little bit of time for yourself. So let’s kick those aside and start re-engaging with a few things that bring you joy.

So make your Love List (Happiness Boosters) and start by incorporating one small thing into your life each day.

1. Believe it’s OK for you to take some time for You.
2. Choose/Decide to pencil yourself into your daily schedule.
3. Do it – Bring something enjoyable into your day (or week) in small doses.

And here’s another biggie: Jot down a couple of things you’re grateful for or that went well or that you did well; even the smallest things count (and maybe even more so) and you will start to fill your own bucket with good feelings about yourself.

Secret – it’s an Inside job.


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